Xena, holding her chakram

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As previously mentioned, my group didn’t do bugs while we were in Kenya.

We shied away from anything creepy crawly.

Thankfully, it wasn’t bug season in Kenya, so we were spared from some really putrid bugs.

Except the flying termites.

One night after dinner we were all sitting around the table talking when a winged thing flew in through a small crack in the wall. It took us a few minutes to notice it, but when we did we screamed like sissies and ran for cover. It didn’t matter that we were 10,000x bigger than the bug. It had wings which made it infinitesimally more frightening in our imaginations than it actually was in real life.

Judge us if you want, that flying termite could have killed us.

However, that night, Brittany was with us. Little did we know that Brittany is more gangsta (it pains me to use that word, but I think slang is fitting in this situation) than a can of Raid. Without a second thought, she snatched the termite out of the air, threw it on the table, and trapped it beneath a coffee cup.

As soon as she did that I thought, ‘Oh my goodness…she’s Xena.’

I may or may not have spent the rest of the trip waiting for her to emit a high-pitched battle cry.

May or may not.

Seriously, I need to start keeping tv theme songs on hand for moments like that. How awesome would it have been if as soon as she caught the termite I could have played the Xena theme song? And when we finished painting the classrooms on the last day we could have done the slow walk back to the bungalow with that playing.

There were so many missed opportunities.