Because on Tuesday someone said that Wordsworth had “esoteric pizzazz.”

I’m not sure what that means.

I’m pretty sure the person who said it is not quite sure what he meant. He looked a tad confused after he said it, but to his credit he continued marching on with his point and I adore him for it.

In tribute to his wonderfulness, I’m adding that phrase to my daily word allowance. That phrase will make its way into every conversation I have from now until the end of time. When I die, I hope that I can use that phrase when I’m kickin’ it with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

This weekend I have to read a Philip K. Dick novel and criticism by Arnold, Marx, and Pater while on a flight to NY. (Jason, if you call me pretentious I will hurt you.) Understandably, I won’t be blogging until Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!