(this conversation took place during breakfast on Wednesday)

Me: Marie’s kids are mixed race too. Their mother is white and their father is black. Actually, her daughter kind of looks like Emmalyn. They have the same complexion and dirty blond hair. Although her daughter has brown eyes.

Chi-chi: Not blue?

Me: No and Marie actually wonders where her daughter got blond hair from because no one on either side has it.

Chi-chi: Must be a random gene that popped up. Is her hair curly?

Me: No, it’s stick straight.

Chi-chi: It might curl as she gets older.

Me: I don’t think so. No one in the family has curly hair.

Chi-chi: Your hair curled as you got older. Your hair wouldn’t curl for anything when you were little. We were starting to worry about you, but then whoops! It curled.