Chi-chi’s been batting a thousand lately.

My family really likes Star Trek: Voyager. I know it gets a ton of criticism and people feel that it’s the weakest in the franchise, but those people can bite my big toe. I love me some Captain Janeway.

Plus there’s an Asian man in the cast and you know how I love Asians.

The other night I was in the shower when Chi-chi and He-Man started watching an episode. When I came into the room, Voyager was in the middle of a battle. I decided to ask the resident Star Trek geek aka He-Man, what was going on.

Me: Why are they fighting? Who are they fighting?

He-Man: I don’t know?

Me: (turns to the secondary Star Trek geek in the room) Nigel, what’s going on?

Chi-chi: They’re fighting the Devore! Be quiet!

Me: Oh…ok