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Try to say, “Irish Wristwatch.”

That’s right: you can’t.



Yesterday, after Uncle Nigel introduced this phrase to us, the entire night was spent trying to say, “Irish wristwatch.” It was 9pm and we were at that stage of tired where you’re extremely giddy. Plus, the Byngs are easily entertained. At first we were laughing and happy and having a good time trying to say “Irish wristwatch.” Eventually though we got frustrated and then decided that enough was enough. This is how the night went:

(after spending 15 minutes trying to say “Irish wristwatch.”)

“Forget this!” 

“Iwish wishwash?”

“Irish wriswash.”

“Iris wriswatch?”

“EEEEEYYYYYYEEEErish…wristwatch! haha!”

“The ‘I’ was too long.”

“Isis wishwash!”

“Irish…wish…Iwish wris- FORGET THIS!”

“Ireesh wreeswash!”

“Ireash wris…Iris…Isis…EEEEEYYYYYEEEEreeesh!”

And so on and so forth.