To honor our favorite blogger on her birthday, I (I, being Akira, her older sister. The wind beneath her wings. No? Too much?) decided that I should write a post in true Gyasi style. A list. Who doesn’t love a good list? And for any of you that know my Father in Law, he may love a good list a little too much. I will do my best to keep the wit flowing. After all Gyasi did learn that from someone (can you see that self-absorbed runs in the family?).

I have brought the family in to consult on this endeavor to ensure that we get the best of the best Gyasi, so some of this will be second-hand information, but anyone who likes to gossip knows second-hand info is still really good! I am definitely not one of THOSE people.

I’m not exactly sure what to title this list, so I will go simply with:

Gyasi, A Tribute

From our lovely Auntie Barbie:

Gyasi always remembers that her Auntie Barbie loves 2 special treats – Entenmann’s corn muffins (nowhere to be found in FL) (barely found in NY anymore, I would like to add. I have spent much time scouring the Entenmann’s display with Gyasi) and any pumpkin flavored treat (such as pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin scones, pumpkin pancakes and of course, pumpkin pie).  She is usually the first one to bring me a pumpkin treat for the fall season.  This week it was an Entenmann’s pumpkin loaf cake (how about that combination?).  Someday she will likely find a combo pumpkin corn muffin!  Of course, I will never forget the time she brought me a box of corn muffins all the way from NY and it must have gotten squashed in her suitcase because it ended up being a box of corn muffin crumbs, HOWEVER, it was just as good and I ate every crumb.

From our dear cousin Katie:

I love having deeply philosophical and emotionally charged intellectual conversations with Gyasi on topics of life, love, and women’s rights ;) That’s one thing I greatly miss about being in the sisterhood…that AND of course her opinionated sentiments that often offend the sensitive and initiate the “storm-out” and the “door-slam,” concluding in the “awkward silence” following the lessening of the original crowd ;) But of course it has also been an honor to watch Gyasi grow in the Lord as she continually seeks to become the “gentle and quiet spirit” of 1 Peter 3:4;)  I surmise she will one day find the Godly skinny Asian man of her dreams that will sweep her off her feet and reverse all her initially preconceived ideas of the male race, inspiring her to give up her
“independent women” status and since he likes it, he’ll “put a ring on it.” She may even submit and change her last name ;)

From our dear cousin Rachel:

I love those Gyasi faces. You can read an entire monologue on that face in just an instant. With one curve of her lip or raise of the eyebrow, she expresses what everyone wants to say but is too afraid. She makes an averagely funny moment hysterical.

From our dear cousin Ariel:

When I think of Gyasi:

I think of us both wearing the same outfit to church unintentionally. I think of Rice Krispie Treats. (Yes, thanks to Gyasi we all fiend for Rice Krispie Treats, like we’re  going to snort them) I think of skinny white boys. I think of fighting over who’s gonna  be Fall and who’s gonna be Autumn. I think of Mulan. I think of anime. I think of screaming in the car for no reason. I think of farting in the elevator. I think of sarcasm. I think of Harry Potter. I think of running and embracing each other, again  for no reason. I think of making prejudiced comments. I think of one of the few people who are always thinking what I’m thinking. I think of Japanese song lyrics. I think of making fun of cliché Christian things but then realizing I participate in them. I think of curry and naan. I think of cackling. I think of colon cleanse cookies.(raise your hand if you haven’t been subjected to one of those delightful treats.)  I think of a best friend. I think of priceless and countless childhood memories. I think of someone who is always there when you need them. I think of someone who accepts me for who I am. I think of a godly woman. I think of not knowing what I would do without her.

On behalf of your Brother in Law Tom and Niece Emmalyn:

You made Hamburger Helper just about every night the summer you came to help when I went back to work after having Emmalyn. And you keep my house stocked with junk food when you visit. My husband may love you more than me. Don’t tell him where I put the razor blades.

And well Emmalyn, it is still a struggle to get the kid to wear pants for an entire day. But you are her favorite Auntie. Maybe it’s because you never make her wear pants.

From our dear brother Tim (who am I kidding, there’s nothing dear about Tim):

I love how she’s not too “girly”. How well she can paint a picture when she tells a story, especially in her blog, though she uses a lot of made up words. (LOL)(Cause LOL is a real word Tim, I’m just saying.) I also love how curious she is about subjects, and is willing to listen to others point of view, even when it comes to “sensitive” topics like religion.

From our wonderful Uncle Nigel:

It’s been wonderful getting re-acquainted with my niece. In five months I have seen her spark of genius, her now very predictable mood swings, her inclination to be ever gracious to everyone (good christian or a sucker? Am not too sure), her unflappable commitment to her dreams and the streak of insanity that comes from being a cross between He-man and Chi-Chi as she so affectionately calls her parents. The most endearing discovery however, has been her sense of humor. She laughs at everything, anything, and especially herself. It’s coupled with a subtle naivety that underscores her journey of self-discovery which she shares candidly and that makes me smile.  She is a darling.

From our loving Mother:

My Gyasi is one of the sweetest people I know with a very focused, determined nature who can hug and kiss you one minute and then next blaze you with her tongue because she thought her mother might be criticizing her (gentle guidance mind you) (Chief, you missed total areas when you cleaned the bathroom) (?what? the edge of the bathtub is not part of the bathroom, I can grow herbs on it) (and how about the mirror it’s so spotted I thought I grew freckles).  The Love in her heart shines through and is reflected in her beautiful smile and her quick to give you a hug and a kiss nature, whether new friend, old buddy, Mudda or odda!!!  I LOVE MY CHILE… (She means child. That’s her accent in print. At least I think that’s what she was trying to do.)

From our loving Father:

Gyasi, I hope this day brings you joy and a fresh look at life. May the year ahead provide you with knowledge and wisdom beyond your wildest dreams. Being a young adult is so much fun. The years ahead will provide you with many opportunities; make the best of them, as the best is yet to come.

I know that Mr. Bean is one of your favorite comedians – but please don’t marry a Mr. Bean.

From your  favorite Big Sister:

Gyasi has taken my obsessive love of Rice Krispie Treats to the next level. You know they never make you pay for the first one. But then you’re hooked.

Driving with Gyasi is always an adventure.  Let’s just say I am well acquainted with the dashboard in Sid the Hybrid. Will she ever master stopping in a hybrid? Only time will tell. And until that time arrives, I’ll drive. Thank you.

My sister doesn’t even try to be mushy and cheery. Which is exactly what I need
sometimes, someone to tell me to stop whining (I don’t know, it just happened
to me after I became a mom, hmm .  .  .) and suck it up.

I love the random texts during the day, about her day. There is nothing that beats a text that reads “Only at FAU will you see a guy in a suit on a skateboard”.

We are both critical people-watchers, so at least when we are judgey of those we are watching we don’t judge each other.

Gyasi may have been the only the only person at Katie’s wedding who found humor in my dancing to “Single Ladies” holding my immensely pregnant belly. I’m married. I thought it was funny. Thank you, Gyasi. For laughing along with me.

Gyasi comes to visit and we legitimately do nothing. There is nothing better than wasting away a weekend and a $300 airline ticket on the couch with Netflix and way too too much junk food.

Ahh.  The junk food. All I will say is, Marshmallow Mateys. No one will understand but Gyasi. Should I have said “Arrr, the junk food”?

On her last trip to NY Gyasi proudly announced that she doesn’t wear pants on Saturdays. I instantly regretted our weekend visit.

Now how’s that for a list? Was it really a list? Maybe a list of all the wonderful things that make Gyasi  Gei-ah-cee. “How do you pronounce that?”

Gyasi, I really hope today is the best birthday you have had in a very long while. Know that we are all über proud of you and love you with our whole hearts. (Heck, I must love you if I’m posting this and we both know I can’t stand to be second best at anything.)