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She can see into the future.

Or she just has common sense.

Which I lack.

About two weeks ago, Chi-chi and I were talking in the kitchen about Emmalyn. Chi-chi said, “You really need to watch what you say around your niece. She’s picking up words really quickly.”

“I don’t say inappropriate things around her.”

“You may not think what you say is inappropriate, but she’ll repeat it at an inappropriate moment.”

“Well, I call her ‘stinky’ or ‘monkey’ sometimes, but those are pet names. Like how Auntie Rachel calls me ‘doo doo’….why does Auntie Rachel call me ‘doo doo’?”

“It’s a pet name.”

Flash forward to this morning; I’m talking to my sister on the phone. Kira is in one of her “I told you so” fits and she’s ranting and raving against a co-worker she knew was no good.

“He quit just like that! All I had to do was think about firing him and he quit! Gyasi, it was almost too easy! I mean, now the boy has no job, no ambition, no plans, and two baby mamas! I don’t know what these people see in him! He’s a dirtbag! A complete dirtbag!”

In the background I heard an almost two-year-old voice say, “Dirtbag.”

When I told Chi-chi she went on one of her “I told you so” laughing fits.

“I told you so” fits run in the family.