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“How rude!”


“This guy I haven’t talked to in months just messaged me to check out his band. No greetings. No ‘hi, how are you? how’s life?'”

“Ugh, how rude.”

“I know!”

This was a conversation I had with my friend, Amy, a few days ago. Much like teen pregnancy and hippies moving next door, you never think a drive by friend request will happen to you.

Until it does.

And then you just feel used.

When I logged onto Facebook on Monday, I noticed I had a friend request from someone we’ll call Handsome Rob. His name isn’t Rob, but he is handsome. At first, I didn’t know who Handsome Rob was. I thought, ‘who the heck is this? what does he mean I know him from PBA? Stalker!’ I was just about to delete the request when I took a good look at Handsome Rob’s picture and realized that I did in fact know him from PBA.

“Oh! Handsome Rob! Ok! Let’s be friends!”

I clicked ‘confirm’.

Then I checked out Handsome Rob’s page.

Handsome Rob certainly had a lot of friends.

Why, you ask?

Because Handsome Rob is launching his music career.

“Wait a minute-did he? Oh curse you! Curse you Handsome Rob! I unfriend you in the name of…I can’t come up with anything right now, but curse you!”

Twenty minutes later…

“Oh shoot, I just got drive by friend requested.”

Did I mention that I’m quite slow on the up take?