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I discovered the morning that despite my greatest effort, I have become a Southerner.

However, I draw the line at ingesting sweet tea.

That stuff is diabetes in a glass.

For the last couple of months, it’s been hotter than Hades in Florida. The girls around FAU have been in various stages of undress to combat the heat. The boys at FAU have been watching the girls in various stages of undress and praising God for the heat.

I have been silently judging them all.

This morning when I woke up and dressed for the weather; a light skirt, a light shirt, and comfy, sweat resistant shoes. Chi-chi was in the kitchen with Dinah, watching the weather report. I was making eggs, minding my business when Chi-chi said, “Oh shoot! It’s only sixty-four degrees!”

“What? No! It was eighty-something yesterday. Let me check.”

I left my eggs with Chi-chi, went to the front door, and opened it.

When the wind hit me I thought, ‘My, my it’s cold.’

What I said was, “AHHHHLAWD!!!”

For those of you who don’t speak either patois or Trinidadinese, “AHHHHLAWD!!!” roughly translates to “Brrrr. It is a rather cold morning.”

This is how I know I’m becoming a Southerner: my Jamaican side (whom I call ‘Edith’) is coming out.

Jamaicans are cold when it’s 64 degrees outside. Jamaicans are cold when it’s 75 degrees outside. The sun will be blazing and a Jamaican will say, “Allyah close de winda nah!” Actually, that pretty much rings true for all island folk.

We chill easily.

Some say it’s the ganja, but we’re really just a thin blooded people.