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A prime example of this is the conversation I had with my sister yesterday. While she and I were trying to talk, I heard my niece in the background shouting “Mommy car! Mommy car!”

Me: What is she doing?

Kira: She standing by the window looking outside.

Me: Is there a car driving by?

Kira: No, she’s looking at my car. It’s very exciting to her.

Me: So the car is just sitting in the driveway?

Kira: Yeah, but I’d rather have her shouting than throwing up. She’s had a bad cough that’s been making her throw up.

Me: Ew.

Kira: There was vomit everywhere yesterday. She threw up on the carpet, on the changing table, finally I just put her in the bathtub to make the clean up easier.

Me: That’s really gross.

Kira: Wait, what is she-

(I hear shuffling on the line)

Kira: Emmalyn, if you don’t get down off the table you’re going to get a spank.

Emmalyn: No, thank you.

At least she’s polite when she’s being blatantly defiant.