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I thought we would take a break from the dating site madness and discuss how much my friend, Brian and I like Thai food.

Well, I really like Thai food and Brian is gung-ho and willing to indulge my cravings.

A couple days ago we went to Thai Jo in City Place for lunch and shared the lunch special. It came with satay, dumplings, spring rolls, and pad thai. Instead of the “lunch special,” I would like to call it the “Gyasi Byng, this is a blessing from the Lord: all your favorite Thai foods combined!” platter.  Thai Jo needs to get on that. Really, I think my name is catchier than “lunch special.”

To make lunch even better, Thai Jo gave us sauces. We had spicy plum, peanut, and cucumber sauce. If I hadn’t been sharing with Brian, I would have licked the spicy plum sauce bowl clean. And I’m pretty sure Brian would have done the same with the peanut sauce bowl. Next time we go to Thai Jo, we may not be able to share. I really like the spicy plum sauce.

Afterward, as we were walking back to the car, I pulled out my mints and offered Brian one. I got these new Breathsaver mints that are supposed to cleanse your palate and keep your breath fresh for 3 hours. Brian was intrigued and excited when I told him this.

Brian: I’m intrigued and excited.

Me: They taste really good.

Brian: What flavor?

Me: Uh…spearmint.

Brian: I like spearmint.

We both popped a mint and went back to work.

About an hour later I received this email in my inbox:

“Those mints are full of lies. They do not last three hours…I now taste spearmint and peanut, which are both amazing, but not together!”

Sorry, Brian.