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On this Thanksgiving Eve, I’ve decided to come up with a top ten list of things I’m most thankful for.

Also, I’m setting you up for the Thanksgiving post I plan to write once this holiday is over.

Spoiler: The title is awesome.

Yeah, I know Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, but get 20 of my family members together in one house with a turkey and hilarity is bound to ensue.

Anyway, here’s my list:

10 ) My new driveway

       He-Man finally paved the driveway. After five years of stepping into grass, dirt, and frog feces, He-Man finally paved the driveway. Now I can at least see the frog feces and avoid it. The grass was deceptive. Pavement tells no lies.

9 ) My friends, both old and new

      My friends are wonderful. I could write sonnets about them. They make me laugh and even when they make me cry it’s usually because they’ve made me laugh. I can appreciate anyone who can bring a smile to my face.

8 ) Emmalyn’s new singing potty.

     Don’t ask me why Chi-chi felt the child needed a singing potty. The child now has a singing potty. I was perfectly content to just hold the child over the commode when she had to go, but I was overruled. When the potty entered the house, I was equal parts intrigued and repelled by the thing, but now I’m just jealous. It’s like a parade is going through the bathroom every time Emmalyn pees. I wish my potty was that happy. My potty just sits there. It’s a lazy potty.

7 ) My church family

    Oh they are a whimsical set of oddballs. They never cease to amaze and delight me. Much like a real family, they stick by you, they tease you, they love on you, and they tell you exactly what they think when they think it. Even if what they think is, “What, still not married? Tell me you at least have a boyfriend!”

6 ) The end of my first semester of grad school

    It sucked and made me want to cry at certain points, but overall, this was a freakin’ awesome semester.

5 ) This picture

That would be my cousin’s dog in ballet flats.

4 ) The fact that I’ve made peace with the hippies.

      …for now. They know why!

3 ) My readers.

     As cheesy as this sounds, I am extremely thankful for you guys. You always leave sweet, thoughtful, encouraging comments when I need them the most. You tolerate my madness and you feed my ego. What more could I ask for?

2 ) My family

     Just read any of my posts and you’ll know why. My family is supportive when I need them to be, critical when I need them to be, quick to laugh, and slow to anger. They take what I write about them in stride and they know it comes from a place of love. At least, this is what I tell them so they won’t disown me. I want to be invited to Thanksgiving dinner. My aunt jerks a turkey every year and I DO NOT want to miss that.

1 ) Jesus

    Yup, I’m ending it with Jesus. I like the Jesus. The Jesus makes me laugh. The Jesus lets me call him “the Jesus” without smiting me where I stand. Type? Anyway, the more I fumble through the life, the more I realize how much Jesus picks me up and dusts me off. Every time I reach out in the darkness, I feel him stretching out to take my hand. I’m really quite thankful for the Jesus.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!