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Certainlyspinster.com has a nifty feature which shows you who’s been looking at your profile.

Because this is me we’re talking about, my profile was visited by roughly 5-6 50-year-old men per day.

I tell you, that does wonders for the self-esteem.

You can also browse new members in your areas, which of course, I did whenever I needed a quick shot of confidence. Seriously, being hit on by men old enough to be your father takes a toll on you. Just knowing that there are single men in their twenties out there was a pick me up. Bad choice of words, I know.

However, I was always careful when I viewed a profile because certainlyspinster lets you see who’s viewing you profile. You always know who’s looking at you, which is creepy in it’s own unique way.  Despite my caution, this would sometimes happen.

Me: Stantheman55 just viewed my profile. Hmm, well, let’s see who Stantheman55 is…(checks profile) Oh so the 55 stood for your age. Ok, Stantheman55, nice to know you.

Certainlyspinster.com: Someone sent you an e-card!

Me: What?

Stantheman55’s e-card: I saw that you looked at my profile. Want to chat?

Me: Um, no thank you.

Mind you, I would have to go back onto his profile to reject him, which would lead to this:

Stantheman55: See anything you like on my profile?

Me: No, no.

Stantheman55: But you looked at it twice.

Me: That’s why I said, “No, no.”

Certainlyspinster: Someone just sent you an e-card.

Me: Not again.

Da Illest Negro’s e-card: How you doin’, shorty?

Me: NO!!!!!

Lesson 8: Desperation, like body odor, is obvious.