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My wonderful, amazing, patient, and forever tolerant readers,

I did NOT plan on taking a week off from the blog.

By day two of my unexpected break I started to have withdrawal symptoms.

Work was crazy busy, I was trying to finish my Christmas shopping, I had Christmas parties I had to go to, and I had to bake Christmas cookies for everyone and their grandmother last week. Really, it was poor time management on my part. I had material and notes jotted down all over the place, but no time to turn them into coherent blogs. I shouldn’t have stretched myself so thin. Bad blogger.

Anyway, I’m sorry. Please still love me.

As I told you, last week was crazy.

The weekend before was no better because I was trying to clean and finish my Christmas shopping. Kira nearly lost her life because she impeded the conclusion of said shopping, but that’s not a story we’re going to go into right now. By Tuesday, I was completely drained and ready to fall down. Instead, I dusted off a cardigan, drove to Tequesta, and went to a Christmas party. Because I was so tired, I was in no mood to mingle, which means I sat in a corner half the night with Tesia and Joanna and complained about life. Thankfully, they were also in a mood to complain, so we made decent, morose company for each other.

I got home around 11:30 that night, ready to fall into bed, sleep fitfully, and wake at 6am for work.

However, there was a surprise waiting for me. It was a box the size of a small child. I probably could have put Emmalyn in that sucker and mailed her to Abu Dhabi.

Not that I would ever do such a callous thing…

This is what was posted on the box:


What was inside the box? What inspired the box? Who is Steph Robbins? Why am I keeping you in suspense instead of explaining the box?

Let me answer the last question first: because it’s my blog and I can.

What was inside the box? A vast array of awesome. The box contained a gingerbread man kit, towels with gingerbread men on them, a gingerbread scented candle, and a chocolate santa and teddy bear. Every time I thought I had reached the bottom of the box, I found another surprise.

What inspired the box, you ask? A harmless facebook status turned conversation that went something like this, or exactly like this, because Steph printed it out and included it in the box. May I add that little paper made writing this blog that much easier?

Me:Why can’t I buy just one cookie cutter? I don’t want Christmas trees and angels; I just want a gingerbread man. I think this is why Scrooge hates Christmas.

Ish Williams: Maybe you’re just crazy. They all have come to be things that symbolize the season, so why can’t you just buy one just to make them feel better?

Kaela von K: I did not find you a solo gingerbread man cookie cutter. But I did find ou a forest filled with animal friends (including what appears to be a porcupine or hedgehog).

Me: Holiday hedgehog cookies?

Kaela von K: If you frost its tips, yes!

Kira: You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

Steph Robbins: Oh the oh so lovely, Gyasi Byng BLING Bing!!!! Only 8 days until Christmas…Hooray!!! I am having the most fun at an FSU Fall Graduation/ Christmas Champagne/ Gingerbread Cookie/ Gingerbread House decorating event tonight and on my travels there to pick up all the Christmas merriment treats I was bringing to the celebration, I found you the most rockin’ ONE SOLO “Gingerboy Gingerbread” Cookie Cutter Baking/ Decorating Kit!!!

And so Steph got to work and created what had to be the best Christmas surprise ever.

Who is Steph Robbins? She’s The Amazing Steph Robbins. That is her super hero name. What are her super powers? Encouragement, creativity, and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I may have embellished on one of those, but I won’t say which. Steph’s powers combined make wonderful Christmas presents that make you tear up a little bit after a craptacular week.

I won’t say who teared up, but someone did.