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On New Year’s Day my family gathered at my aunt and uncle’s house for a hearty New Year’s lunch.

And when I say hearty, I mean I was carrying not just a food baby, but a food baby and it’s two identical twins.

Food triplets?

Anyway, after dinner we partook in some harmless chit chat. I overheard Ariel and Katie talking about marriage and body hair, so I decided to listen in.

Katie: But what if your husband doesn’t like your arm hair? Wouldn’t you shave it to make him happy?

Ariel: What’s wrong with my arm hair?

Katie: It’s pretty thick. Don’t you think smooth arms are better? Feel this (Katie runs Ariel’s hand along her arm) Doesn’t that feel better?

Ariel: If I shave my arms, I’m going to have to shave a lot more, Katie.

Me: I think real men love arm hair.

Rachel: If he truly loves me, he’ll love my hair as well.

Me: Although I would agree to shave my arms if he agreed to shave his back.

Rachel: I would never shave my arms for a man!

Ariel: Me neither!

Me: Amen.

Charity: I guess that’s why y’all are still single.

Rachel, Ariel, and I:….

Because I can never leave well enough alone, I wrote this list of reasons for why my friends and I are still single.


1) It’s easier for 8 single ladies to raise a boat load of money and go to Kenya for two weeks than it is for 8 married ladies to do it.
2) One day I’m going to compile all of our single journeys into a best selling novel that will eventually become a summer blockbuster and I need tons of material.
3) None of us have taken up ice skating yet
4) Because our lives begin when God breathes life into us, not the day a man puts a ring on it.
5) Our Sunday school class wouldn’t exist if we’d all gotten married “young.”
7) Rachel may not have started the West Palm Beach branch of Christian Youth Theatre.
8) Our parents raised smart girls who didn’t go to school for MRS degrees.
9) Joanna would have married a certain someone and then be living goodness knows where.
10) When insenstive people say, “What? You still don’t have a boyfriend?” we have each other to turn to.
11) We plan on doing the whole marriage thing once.
12) Meredith may not have gone to Spain.
13) Our husbands are still getting their fakaka together.
14) We’re going to have hilarious single lady stories for our husbands.
15) Love is patient.
16) Daughters need good advice from once single mothers.
17) Ariel may not have gone to Spain.
18) God is still deciding whether Vera Wang or Alexander McQueen will design our wedding dresses.
19) Tesia never would have gone to Thailand.
20) As much as it pains me to use this phrase, God’s still writing your love story (I am in no way advocating that you read any book by Leslie Ludy).
21) I never would have started my blog.
22) Our husbands are coming as fast as they can.
23) Love is kind and my friends show immense restraint and kindness towards those “You’re still single?” people.
24) The grass isn’t greener on the other side. Both sides are equally verdant.
25) Like Justin Timberlake with his sexy, we’re bringing single back.