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About a week ago, a friend, who in this blog post we’ll call “Pocahantas,” told me about a funny dream she had starring yours truly.

Our conversation about said dream went something like this:

Pocahantas: I dreamt that you were pregnant and that me, you, and Sleeping Beauty (another friend) got caught in a tornado and you lost the baby.

Me: That’s pretty intense.

Pocahantas: And also you weren’t married.

Me: Seriously?

I like how even in her subconscious I can’t get a date.

Shortly after that conversation I was having breakfast with Pocahantas, and we decided to analyze her dream.

Yes, we are those people.

Pocahantas: What do you think it means when you dream about someone else being pregnant?

Me: I don’t know. They have a analysis for when you dream about yourself being pregnant. Oh shoot, wait, they have something here.

Pocahantas: What does it mean?

Me: Aww, when you dream of someone else being pregnant it means you’re feeling closer to them. Do you feel closer to me?

Pocahantas: Eh, debatable.

Me: You jerk!

Pochantas: What about the tornado?

Me: To dream you are in a tornado means that you feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Pocahantas: That I can believe.

I have great friends.