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Even though I froze my tuckus off waiting to start the Disney Princess Half-Marathon, I will most likely do it again next year.


 Because there was too much to see and do along the course and I didn’t get to see or do all of it.

 Let me explain:

 In order to keep you motivated and encouraged, Disney has all of its characters come out in full regalia. At miles 1 and 13 there were people on stilts standing above us giving us high fives. At miles 2 and 12, Captain Jack Sparrow and some other miscellaneous pirate were standing next to the Black Pearl cheering us on and taking pictures. When you got to mile 6.5, you got to run through Cinderella’s castle.

 I was on sensory overload during that entire run.

 Yes, I was tired. Yes, I wanted to die at some points, Yes, I was thoroughly peeved by the men in tutus, but I didn’t get to SEE everything and that upsets me.

 Since it was my first half-marathon, I wanted to run the entire time and get a decent time. I decided to shoot for 2:15 (which didn’t happen, but more on that later). This meant that I had to average a 10 minute mile, which I can do. On my good running days I can do a 9:15 mile, but I wanted to pace myself.

 What I didn’t account for was the sensory overload and the fact that my sister averages a 9:30 mile and expected me to keep up with her.

 Well, for miles 1-6 she did.

 Then she left me.

 However, this worked out for everyone’s benefit because I was ready to take a sickle to her Achilles heel to make her slow down.

 Yes, I know that image is extremely violent, but you run 13.2 miles and tell me if you feel like it’s a small world after all.

 Anyway, once she ditched me at mile 7, I got to enjoy the scenery, which put me in a better mood for the duration of my run. I got to wave at Mulan, say, “Hi!” to Rapunzel, and hear Minnie Mouse chuckle at the men in tutus. I also got to spend more time in the Disney underbelly.

 What is the Disney underbelly?

 Oh I’ll tell you.

 It’s where the characters go out of character and the “cheerful” Disney workers play. It’s The Real Disney World.

 It’s 1000 or more strangers…picked to work at a theme park…wear polyester and other synthetic materials… in the Florida sun…to find out what happens…when people stop being happy…and start getting real…The Real Disney World.