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    On March 1st, my application for grad school is due. Even though it’s only January, I’m so stressed out about it that I’ve been getting migraines every day around 3:30 pm. Migraines are not conducive to the writing process. I’m a big baby when it comes to migraines and when I get one all I want to do is drink a gallon of hot tea and go to bed.

    Because of this, I need your help, my wonderful, amazing, adoring, fabulous (have I buttered you up enough?), fantastic readers. I need ideas so I propose this: if you make my blog url (www.howdoyoupronouncethat.wordpress.com) your status on facebook, I will write a blog on any subject you choose. I will also give you the power to decide whether or not the blog post is funny and silly or thoughtful and serious. Do you know any other blogger that would give you the reins over his or her blog? I didn’t think so.

    If you take me up on my offer (please, please, please take me up on my offer. I’m completely stumped), send me a message on facebook letting me know your idea.

    In the words of the immortal Captain Planet, “The power is yours!”

    Man, that was corny.

    Also, I’m still not sure what purpose that little Mexican kid served.

    We had Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, why the heck did we need Heart?

    That’s not even an element.